iPhone 6PLUS Repair

Price of a Specific iPhone 6Plus Repair Can Very Depending on Cost of Replacement Parts, Please Contact us With Your Issue And we Will Give You the Most Competitive Price on The Market.

Free Diagnostic Service
This service is available if you don't know what's wrong with you iPhone. Please ship it to us and our certified technicians will run a free phone diagnostics and then contact you with a repair estimate.
iPhone 6 Plus Water Damage Repair
If your iPhone has being exposed to any type of liquid (water, juice, alcohol, etc) please do not try to turn it on or charge it, since water candamage small internal components. Please contact us immediately so we can diagnose your iPhone 6 Plus.
iPhone 6 Plus Cracked Screen or LCD Replacement (Black or White) Service
Shatter your iPhone 6 Plus screen? Or does your iPhone still comes on but you can't see anything or shows lines or different colors on the screen? Not a problem, we can replace it with a brand new screen/LCD and is same day service.
iPhone 6 Plus Custom Color Front and Back Glass Replacement Service
Tired of your iPhone 6 Plus black or white color? We can customized it to your favorite color.
iPhone 6 Plus Lighting Connector/Headphone Jack (Charging Port) Replacement
This service solves the charging problem, Sync issues with your iPhone or can't hear anything when plug your headphones.
iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
This service solves your battery not holding charge or battery dying fast issue. We will replaced your defective battery with a new battery.
iPhone 6 Plus Front or Back Camera Replacement
Does your front or back camera takes blurry pictures or doesn't work at all? No worries, we will replace it with a new one that way you can take high definition pictures again.
iPhone 6 Plus Power/Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Service
Tired of your iPhone power button working only once in a while or not working at all? We can replace your iPhone power button.
iPhone 6 Plus Home Button Replacement Service
This service is for you if your iPhone 6 Plus home button doesn't work, is sticky or works once in a while.
iPhone 6 Plus Volume Button/Vibrator Switch Replacement Service
This service is for you if your iPhone 5 vibrator or volume button doesn't work.
iPhone 6 Plus Loud Speaker Repair Service
This service is for you if your iPhone 6 Plus loud speaker doesn't work or you hear a static noise.
iPhone 6 Plus Ear Speaker Repair Service
If you can't hear anything or hardly can hear the other person, we can replace your ear speaker.
Other iPhone 6 Plus Issues
Please contact us with the issue, we will be glad diagnose and repair your iPhone 6 back to like new condition.