Refund Policy

At our website, you are free to choose any service or product depending on your preference. We share the purchasing information with you over phone also. The information could be related to the refund/cancellation policy.

On applying for the purchase, we received their confirmation and charge for the services as per the plan you opted for. In case if there is any issue, our help experts will resolve them and look out for the scope of refunding/cancellation policy that would be applicable.

To apply for the other remaining claims, the team of Wayne PC Tech will exercise its discretion in deciding, depending upon the time invested in it, from No refund to Pro-Rata refund on different cases. We have the rights for changing the price, plans, features, services, content and design that are offered on this Website at any time. So, keep visiting the website to remain updated.

On the basis of per incidental plans, we guarantee the Money-Back policy that is valid for 7 days, beginning at the time of 1st Incident. You are only eligible if the criteria are met. To resolve the issue, you must have all the required prerequisites. Ten days have not passed after the issue was last worked upon by a technician of Wayne PC Tech .